Saturday, April 11, 2015


SKCC: 13864
Join Date: 11 Apr 2015
First Name: Indrajitsinh
Last Name: Rathod
'On Air' Name: Indra

Registered Callsigns:
Current Callsign: VU3INJ
Current City: Junagadh
Current SPC: IND
I have three Russian army keys found from the junk at alang ship breaking yards around 1994. I had one brass straight key, this one I could not find now.

I am trying to do daily pracitice and operate the slow cw at 14314kc. There are few takers on SSB/CW at this end of the band. So, sked works for me. My transmitter is a xtal controlled one. I use 15watt of powers. I have separate antenna and Direct Conversion Receiver for it. Its a good one and works fine. So, drop me a message on the facebook or gamail or LL and we can work the sked.

Even if we are able to exchange the RST, Call Sign I will be happy to send the QSL-Card in INDIA. or continent INDIA ( AP2,S7, LANKA).....

Centurion Award:No Centurion Award Status, Tribune Award:No Tribune Award Status,Senator Award:No Senator Award Status, DXC Award:No DXC Award Status,DXQ Award:No DXQ Award Status,Maple Leaf (Yellow) Award:No Maple Leaf (Yellow) Award Status,Maple Leaf (Orange) Award:No Maple Leaf (Orange) Award StatusMaple Leaf (Red) Award:No Maple Leaf (Red) Award Status
Maple Leaf (Gold) Award:No Maple Leaf (Gold) Award Status
Miles per Watt Award:No MPW Award Status,,Prefix Award:No Prefix Award Status,QRPx1 Award:,No QRPx1 Award Status
QRPx2 Award:No QRPx2 Award Status,Rag Chew Award:
No Rag Chew Award Status,WAC Award:No WAC Award Status
WAS Award:No WAS Award Status,WAS-C Award:No WAS-C Award StatusQSL Buro Status:You have No Envelopes in the QSL Buro
To fill up above empty scores, friends have a sked with me.
c u agn on air. de vu3inj.