Saturday, July 13, 2013

Morse Code & Morse Key

                   My computers window operating systems become out of date and i was tired of constant upload/download of the windows operating system . It was using up my nets meagure bandwidth. There was also issue of non-compatibility of various local softwares.

To solve this head-ache i was running various OS system on 386 system and found that debian was the perfect choice for my needs. My old dot-matric printer also works on this. Only problem is that my scanner is not working with this due to some in-compatility issue.

I was missing the koch morse program. But i found out that there are few programs in debian repository ie. Koch Morse Train, Morse, Aldo, CW, Cwtoebook, cwtoebookgui etc.

CW is our legacy and we should be able to work, however we are needed for day to day work.

I had two morse keys out of Alang junk yard and one from Jamanagar during my days with AVPT, Rajkot's Radio Operators course. When i started learning the morse the buble was burst and new gdmss system came on the ship. so dropped the course but retained the morse key. From all my changing jobs and transfer of cities i finally have one morse key as shown above and it works fine.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

vhf frequency

I am listening on VHF 2 meter, 145.500 Mhz. FM. If you pass by the city of Junagadh, Gujarat on National High way towards Somanath or Gir Forest, Girnar please give me a call. 09033695503.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tiny 2, VHF Antenna

To receive something i made a dirty monopole. Cut out the braid of 1/4 (wavelength) portion wire and presto my monopole is ready to receive. I dare not to transmit. VHF receiver working. Set to low power mode.5 watt. My power supply does not permit me to operate more power.

GP from one source is 1200/- and from another friendly source it is 500/- . At present i dont have that much money to invest and for 100km straight there is no one to reply my cq call.

To my salvation comes the tiny2 and tiny3 antenna. I saw it on the website of My friend vu2spf also reported that 3 elements may solve my requirement.

Withing 3 hours i built it. Actually i had everything available with me. Plastic boom, al tubes. machines etc. I bought one drillbeat and few 1.5 inch long steel nut-bolts. It is ready to fire.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

VHF base station

I hope to procure one VHF base station and one mobile station. It will create a thing to showoff with local peoples. If i show something which according to them look nice and work may be they will be attracted toward the hobby.

If i show them my CW rigs it is just a jingle of tones and means nothing to their ears.

Few friends came for  eyeball qso but i did not have any working VHF on which i can give channel. I thought i need one vhf to work my nearest hams 100Kms in all directions i.e Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Una and one at Somewhere in Gir forest. As being a single ham in city it will be a DX for me all these city.

I got one VHF. ALNICO DR-130 with 50w VHF single band only. Wow, i will be able to be touched. Welcome friends. Frequency, antenna not decided. I will be on a standard calling freq only.