Friday, May 17, 2013

20 Mb QRP TX

I wanted a part from my old days.So was searching old packed junk. In that i found an aluminium box , a little broken. I opened it ! wow it was a long forgoten 20 Mb transmitter. Box had no holes. It never went on the air. Even it was not finished. It was AM transmitter. Actually when i went out for greener pastures all things were packed in hurry.

I quickly identified where was the problem. Oscillator was running 10.7 instead of 3.57 ?

Will make it workable.
Instead of making it, i used up the moudles, parts in other project. Now, this box houses a dc radio.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Boat Anchor Receivers

broken dial cord

inside the chasis
Yesterday i once again tried the old favourite sait MR 14501. It did not give me results. I worried. I opened up my S-129 and wound the dial cords. Tested it. working ok but cord once again sleeped from dial so will have to open up once again and wind up band spread cord.

Later on i found out that my wire was 'broken'  so it did not worked in first time. Soldered it and presto gives out loud signals.