Monday, May 4, 2015

On air, part-4

I have invested lots and lots of money and time in the homebrew in last two years ( may be around 30k enough to buy a transceiver, but many peoples gave me failed devices faulty receivers etc ). I have met many kind souls, caring fellows, gentleman, enthusiast, techy , nerdy, nice , human and lots other variety of peoples & hams.

As I was alone without any help or other enthusiast, had a very colourful up-down journey. Now, I am content, happy with my brewing . Boxing up the old things. finishing the old projects... I will soon share my finished working brewing projects with others.

For me, coming on the voice, the passion has vaporized .The passion had sustained the 15 years treacherous time. I had made idols myself on seeing EFY magazines, wow what a great hams ! But then talked to them on face-book.  I said ok. all are human, same as me.

I always loved cw. I am improving my cw. Will stay with it for sometime.  I have capability to work on 7159kc,7059kc cw tx, 14318kc cw and experimentally on 14318kc dsb.  I am able to pum 15 to 20watt.
Trying to make the QRO linear 50watt and up so I can be heard at other end. Here , receivers are simple DC or superhet on single frequency. If you are less than 50watt I will be not able to work you due to less sensitive receiver.

There is one hope of being on air- (ssb voice). But, that you will hear when I am on air. ( as of 6 june 2015;;; I will shortly get one transceiver in 20mb , then will inform you friends)

(as of 23 july received one 40meter transceiver from VU2DEV, so I will be regular on 7035khz, 7050khz etc, its analogue device with frequency counter. I like analogue devices. )

As such this ham has reached its peak. I am content. A non engineer has learned, earned the things. Thank you all for your kind supports. I will always welcome new hams, SWL and people interested in electronics, com & ham. I will guide them whatever I can.

Now I can say what a journey ! The dream I saw after seeing the 1994-96 , vu2lex, faram @ Ahmedabad is realized with my cw tx & receiver. The ham-bug has become ham-burger.

de vu3inj