Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mixer TA7358

I have used the FM FRONT END ic ta7358ap (LA1162 etc) in the mixer for arriving at the 7059kc in 40 meter band. During testing the old tech school VWN tx I needed one stable frequency as 7.159 MHz xtal was not available and at that time 7100-7200kc band was also not available. so this was on hand and it worked.

As of the 7dec2014 I have got the crystal due to a generous help from the Delhi ham friend. Hope to put the 40 meter VWN TX on this 7159kc

Friday, October 3, 2014


Around the year 2000 when it was written as Y2K and we had to fix the bug of dates , I made one homebrew receiver. It is still giving me loud signals. you can download the pdf files at the Indian Homebrewers facebook group.
de vu3inj
it is being written up and uploaded as pdf file in indian homebrewer group in the facebook.
y2kissrx1.pdf contains brief details and essential components,
y2kissrx2.pdf about testing and dbm making.
y2kissrx3.pdf about completing it (IF making, IF Osc, RF osc, AF, IF, RF Amp stages etc (work still in progress)