Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tiny 2, VHF Antenna

To receive something i made a dirty monopole. Cut out the braid of 1/4 (wavelength) portion wire and presto my monopole is ready to receive. I dare not to transmit. VHF receiver working. Set to low power mode.5 watt. My power supply does not permit me to operate more power.

GP from one source is 1200/- and from another friendly source it is 500/- . At present i dont have that much money to invest and for 100km straight there is no one to reply my cq call.

To my salvation comes the tiny2 and tiny3 antenna. I saw it on the website of www.qsl.net/w4sat/index.html. My friend vu2spf also reported that 3 elements may solve my requirement.

Withing 3 hours i built it. Actually i had everything available with me. Plastic boom, al tubes. machines etc. I bought one drillbeat and few 1.5 inch long steel nut-bolts. It is ready to fire.


  1. please post antenna details ( link not working)

  2. Dani Greg please email me . My details are OM first post and also on the qrz dot com , vu3inj. Thanks. Will try to send the PDF file as copy right issue