Saturday, July 13, 2013

Morse Code & Morse Key

                   My computers window operating systems become out of date and i was tired of constant upload/download of the windows operating system . It was using up my nets meagure bandwidth. There was also issue of non-compatibility of various local softwares.

To solve this head-ache i was running various OS system on 386 system and found that debian was the perfect choice for my needs. My old dot-matric printer also works on this. Only problem is that my scanner is not working with this due to some in-compatility issue.

I was missing the koch morse program. But i found out that there are few programs in debian repository ie. Koch Morse Train, Morse, Aldo, CW, Cwtoebook, cwtoebookgui etc.

CW is our legacy and we should be able to work, however we are needed for day to day work.

I had two morse keys out of Alang junk yard and one from Jamanagar during my days with AVPT, Rajkot's Radio Operators course. When i started learning the morse the buble was burst and new gdmss system came on the ship. so dropped the course but retained the morse key. From all my changing jobs and transfer of cities i finally have one morse key as shown above and it works fine.

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