Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On air, part-3

This is my third part for being on air. 

I had tx, I had rx. I was having problem in the QSK.  I was literally furious as I had spent lots of good money over the junks. From few good hams I bought secondhand  equipment's, and to reduce their own burden, those good man passed the buck and it stopped with me.....

I saw my own homebrew-junk-box. I was seeing that I had all types of modules. Be it modulators, demodulators, IF amp.TX amp, Linears, Power supply, Diodes mixer etc but no DDS VFO. I was finding it very hard to make it work. I am not digital-man, I am just a disecret tinkerer. Then I has realizations and I started boxing the things.

So excused myself from the  Indian Homebrewers facebook group. I was angry. I had the valid reasons. Only because you fill up some etchy-bitchy pcb with success does not mean the end of worlds. There are many things in RF world.

I dedicated my two -three days in perfecting and boxing the existing system.

I made two 20 meter antennas. Put the qsk in DC receivers and Superhet receiver. Will further improve it with tr-switching. This time the slow tuning and qsk ckt worked the miracles.

Then started the test. Many peoples helped me, coaxed me to make the dds vfo, I said the dds vfo will wait. Let me finish first what I make perefectly. And the test come ok.

Even with 2.5 to 3swr and 15 to 25watt I was able to put the signal through the south india. Then was also able to receive the control signal in my receiver. The receivers need fine tuning. Otherwise its all operational. Now final little glitches needs to be removed and it will successfully give the scheduled contacts. Sked. 14314kc.

Will upgrade to high power and dsb...

I have to thank one person for helping me out in air test, listening to me, checking with me regarding the progress...... thank you........... de vu3ink....