Wednesday, April 8, 2015


In this part we will discuss, what happens after you install the Arduino software from http::\ website. Choose your system. your compute type 32bit,64bit, Linux. windows, etc, Choose latest software as it comes with more bells and whistles.

I Installed software in the c-drive. You may install in the Program folders also. There is no taboo. You may use install.exe, the complete install file. That way it will get all the required files and don't have to worry about why the usb is not being detected. I installed it from the ZIP folder as had slow net connection.

If you have installed and worked the C-compilers , you will get used this arduino console it in an hours. Arduino uses the c-languages.

Compile the example programs from the menu. As they are very simple and easy it should run. As far all ok.

Now connect the arduino in the USB port. If install was good it will be detected. In your computer go to the device manager from the control panel. Here you should see the arduino-usb. If you see the unknown device. Stop there and then.

Click on the unknown device. It will open a window. In that Go to install drive menu. You have to open the file from the driver folder from the arduino folder. There arduino uno.inf file will be there. Open it. And all is well. Now computer will install the driver itself. So you will be able to see in the control panel>. device mangager>arduino.

Now upload the blink sketch. Just monitor the bottom panel of the ardino sketch. If you see no warning and just single line message sketch size ..... bit.... than pat yolur back. You have done it.

Try to change the time loop. There increase the on off time from 1000 mili seconds to say 1000-600 and you will see the difference in the on=off pattern of the LED. This  led is on the arduino board. If needed you have to save this sketch in a different folder.

The :LED  in the arduino will be blinking it.  Now , you can be sure your ARDUINO compiler software, ARDUINO BOARD is working fine.

Thus far the wheel has been moved a little. Enjoy it.

Be care full when you take the out put from the ports to limit the current with 330ohm resistor. And not to drive any external device directly. Use the transistor, fet etc. Also make sure you don't supply more than 5volts to the board.

(Well, this part ends here.)

{ when I will make the DDS VFO from it ? I don't know. May be never. ............May be this week. I don't know.......

 As for other project ? yes sir I will make them plenty. }