Sunday, April 12, 2015


During one of my experiments I needed to put the QSK for my homebrew Direct Conversion Receivers. It worked. Due to diodes in front end the AM breakthrough came into the receivers.So care must be taken to manage it Don't connect it directly to the transmitting antenna. Here receiving antenna is separate from the transmitting antenna. It will work for many boat-anchors. Idea is not my original.  In my humble opinion this will work for 10 to 20watts.

All types of the receivers when used nearby needs this qsk. This saves the front and. AGC takes cares but due to this the recovery becomes fast.

I have used separate antenna. If you share the same antenna for RX & TX,,,, please ......please ....use some 100watt lamp. never use the halogen or flouroscent lamps.

During making of the receiver its advisable to Integrate the QSK into the receiver itself so that in future when you use along with transmitter you don't face the problems when I faced. Later modification is a very tedious affairs. So make the qsk when its time.