Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Remembering VU3GCM

My friend Subash Roy, a very senior and veteran ham expressed his feelings for VU3GCM, who is very ill (10 Oct 2015). I could not stop myself from admiring  VU3GCM  and his homebrew.  Please read on. If anything amiss, apologies in advance, as I never had eye-ball qso, on air qso.
VU3GCM an excellent homebrewer.I have assembled his designGCM2KLand operating 40 meter almost regularly since my ticket(2002).Without him it was impossible for me to travel on the air .


    On this website first thing you will hear will be india's the national anthem. Please do enjoy and download the ckt diagrams etc for your records.
    ENJOY 73 De VU3INJ.