Thursday, October 8, 2015

JOTA 40 Transceiver

Sometimes back, I heard that there was closing down of the analogue receiver GR-40 due to various reasons. One was the non availability of the styroflex capacitor used in the receiver. On the facebook vu mjf, Prabeen informed me that. Through him I booked the GR-40. It arrived in time. Its a OK receiver.

I sought the receiver as it was analogue. VU3GEK did not care to repair his faulty LRR40 I went for the analogue receiver. Yep, GR40 worked but as the tuning was all analogue without any band spread of olden golden day. It was just a simple potentiometers.

Then one day there was the discussion on digital , computer and analogue transceiver. Many hams of india commented on VU2DEV post including vu2ese...

I have seen one JOTA transceiver with VU2SWG at IIT Mumbai where he had used the Arduino and ebay 9851 module as DDS VFO. Good. He also used the 50watt linear from 3gek. I really appreciate this linear. Its worth its money. 1k5/-

Then one day VU2DEV informed me that he will send one 40 transceiver. I agreed. I did not know about the power rating, prize. He just foned me to clear my bill of Rs1200/- for GR40. I paid up on next day. The delay was due to the non-appraisal of the accounts number. On his website we don't find the payment details. When I received JOTA40 next day I paid up 4000/-.

It is worthwhile to mention that VU2DEV has gifted me ARRL HANDBOOK 1968. He himself foned me and asked what types of book I will like. I said something with transistors. And  it arrived within a week. He gifted digital i.e ARRL1999 handbook to 3joj. Ok. Thank you dev.

Then one day on facebook everybody was informed about the JOTA40 which I will get. I was joyous. I had appraised 2dev about my 20 meter transceiver bitx problem, my marine receiver cheating, and 3gerk LRR40 problem. So, he wanted to heal this murphy problem....

His staff , most probably prabeen made this transceiver.  I received the box. I opned it. It was a big box. Containing two boxes one mic and one transceiver. I am told that I have been not charged for transportation and mic. Anyway....

I had one 40 meter antenna. I tested it. No response. No one responded to my break-in or cq call. Tried to measure the DC input to the linear. There was no power. Tried to find the solution. One single transistor pre driver helped a little. It produced some power but there was freq shift problem. Then tried to solved the freq shift on transmitter and receiver. It shifted around 20k to 50khz. The RF is coupling back to VFO stage.... Wow !

I confronted prabeen and he could not reply that he had tested the transceiver on air. If 2dev sir had seen this things himself he might had rejected that transceiver. At that time he had been out to some ham meet.

Meanwhile, I realized that my jinx is not broken due to not doing a simple test by manufacturer ---- that rig is airworthy or not ? I have bill. I paid tax to govt. I can sue the company. But, he is a nice gentle man. He will be wondering what wrong ? Only thing is that 2dev did not use that rig himself. He might have remedied it there and then....

He was kind enough to ask me to send it back for repair ? What is there to repair. I removed linear. put it on test  bench, it produce 13watt on my xtal oscillator. But, whith ssb modulator it does not produce any damn RF. The receiver is working fine. All stage individually works fine but as one product there is something missing. ........the care......One big mistake is  VFO is not shielded. The total cost of counter and VFO board is considered ,it should come out as AD9833 based one DDS VFO.

I tried to put the linear externally. As inside the box it was coupling to the vfo. But, no way there is no power. What a joke ! I had been taken for a ride as I am not a cunning person.

I request them not to give the vfo based rigs. Please please please.

There is no power in tx chain. I tried to find out and succeeded in finding the problems. But, there is no remedy...

I feel sad that even spending 4k the rig did not put me on air. This much carelessness on part of the employees of vu2dev ?

I have been convinced Indian homebrew is inferior. Its only hulla gulla, build the bitx bandwagon etc. There is no kind soul who could give me a fucking spare working transceiver which can put me on air. I don't have 50k to spare. I had spent more than 20k on various homebrew, marine things. Now, I don't have any money to spend.I had trusted VU2DEV, his kindness & mastery. He was my last hope to be on 40 meter. He had helped many many many hams all over the india. He even installed the antenna at his work place to communicate with me. Making ham rig is not their main business. It is the dev sir kindness to reach out to me. Atleast he tried. It is my fault that when I had money I should have bought the communications transceivers. Now, I don't have money.

There is pirtru-dosh in Northern & Western India. There will be few hams, as the Elmer's , senior hams are not kind towards their regions new hams / swl...They have many homebrew rigs, they were not ready to share it for a time period. I wanted to break the jinx and return their rigs ? But, they did not cared.  In southern india many elmers have helped so there is flourishing hams in south india.

Second thing hurt was. Hams are very reach guys, techy guys. Moral guys. They don't understand this neo-poor hams plight.  May be some of them commented so bad, I left their company. Fact they were never able to comprehend the situation. I removed few hams from my facebook. If anyone else don't want to be my facebook friends, be my guest and remove.  ((on 09th Oct 2015 I tried to make the liner work as an external amplifier. But, it is not producing enough power, Not even close to 1watt. Only on CW (xtal oscillator)  it produce full 13watt but this is ssb only rig. Sorry indrajit... day of being on air is till far ahead. For me I need atleast 5watt to be heard in Rajkot and atleast 20watt for other places ))

What to me ? I will be leaving this ham radio bandwagon. Will go to Mumbai and find a kind ham to allow me one two hours rig time on 20 meter. Will run a sked with few hams and will be a silent-ham.....

Anyway............VU2DEV.... You were very kind to me. Thank you.

Alien Message

I am interested in aliens communications also. Here the disc contains the message.  "The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message'  Just google ..

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07"