Tuesday, October 13, 2015


You will amazed to know that I have never visited the Hamfest. I am happy that Hamfest India 2015 has came to me at Rajkot. This Rajkot city is just 100km from me.
Till ,1999 I did not know about HFI. I received the millennium HFI2000 invitation from the Hyderabad. I don't know those hams but defenately they were very nice and proficient peoples. That team reached to me and all hams. The HFI2014- Hyderabad was also good one. They have put a bench mark so high, most of future HFI will be not able to reach it.

For me to visit the Indian Hamfest was the impossible dream. There was no company. One time I decided to go but, could not find the company. In my parts the Local hams  do not reach out to other SWL or New hams.
Personally  I had  visited most of the Gujarat hams. In Gujarat hams are in a big cities. i.e Rajkot, Ahmedabad + Gandhinagar, Bhavanagar, Baroda, Surat, The navsari, etc places near to Mumbai have fewer hams but they are very active on air. HOSHI,2MOJ etc  but in Rajkot I tried to reach out hams but could only find path to VU2JF (SK),VU2FQ,VU3MJD, VU3-Rajubhai (present VU2JF).VU3EXP and yes that's all. Somehow I could not meet other Rajkot hams. After 2004 I moved out from Gujarat to MP. Stayed there earned lots of money. Was planning to get ham radio there and suddenly I returned to home-town in 2011. So, once again I lost touch. I never participated in disaster management y2k or Nepal earth-quack, as I don't have any equipments. I will not participate in future also. why ? read on.

Till, AU2LOL at Lothal there was no big public gathering where all saurashtra hams can come and enjoy. The leadership by  VU2ZNN, VU2BGH & other veteran hams made a lot of change around 2011. In the Rajkot there was club station of NIAR, but I was never able to find it, its equipment or the keeper of it. If the NIAR had given me the rig I might have enticed more SWL into this hobby.

After the AU2LOL there was AU2GIR. At sasan just around 80 Km in the forest. I tried to go this time by bike and even brought one SWL. It was a very nice experience. See my write-up somewhere in this blog. We enjoyed. Great food, Good sight seeing. Excellent on air reports. Separate stations for 40 and 20 meter. Full 100 watt power. Freedom to operate. The fact is that VU2ZNN made sure all the participant put their hand on mike and made contacts. In this our very knowledgable veteran ham VU2DSI. First time the family members were with us. So, it was a very synergic expedition. Many YL were hams VU2RTE. Few hams I knew from prior visits. Many I heard on air or they heard about me. VU2BGH, VU2DSI,VU3SPF, VU3HML wow the team was very strong....

Meanwhile in new Tenure of ham radio after hijarat from MP in 2011, three bad thing happned to me. I found out that the 50 watt VHF base sold by bala VU2MBU was not working properly.(6500/-) It did not produce enough audio level or RF power. Second thing , on last day of au2gir my mobile fone was stolen or I lost it at the camp. After that, Third , VU3KDG sold me a marine receiver.(5500/-) That receiver did not last for the 6 month and gone burst.  I absorbed my loss.

Then I had bad experience with BITX-20,LRR-40 & JOTA-40 transceivers. (2300+2350+4000= 8650) All three are good hams, excellent peoples but they could not deliver me the fucking working transceivers/ receiver. The way peoples/friends were telling me the words 3joj,2atn,paddy, shinosh etc etc I said what the heck we are talking  ? I have paid all the hams, money in hard-cash and they could not deliver me a working air-worthy rig ? So, the quality control ( homebrew ) is a very inferior.

Of course I have problem with Murphy but are you not an elmer ? are you not a Professional ? are you not a careful person ? are you not a Proficient ? are you not a Good homebrewers ?

And there were few things I could not make.I tried even bought equipments for it. Still not able to make a coil. RFC. RF filters. Somehow my source of toroids & alladin core the tpsbhopal is not responding to my request despite paying up the money. I introduced them to ham operators and they not honouring me ? My dds vfo did not worked. VU3ELR could not programme a single arduino chip ? Regimon is selling the DDS-VFO at exorbitant rate. Only thing worked for me was VU2PTR instruments & linear, GR-40 receiver by 2DEV and one Equipment by VU2KD. And yes one receiver by 2FQ.

All these small events, lack of support in terms of equipments, un-worthy- equipments dumped by many hams, I feel there is end of ham radio dream.

There are many homebrew rigs, receivers getting rusted in many hams, they are not using it. even NIAR club rig is also un-used.

I don't want your commercial rigs ! but, atleast give me a time loan say for 3-4 months, so with this I can re juvinate my stations as well  finish up my own homebrew rigs. I might not beg you if the JOTA-40 or the BITX-20 had worked. I paid for both this rigs but un-fortunately they both had same problem. Their linears did not work. So fellas, you give me a working , air-worthy QRP/QRO the VFO controlled, homebrew transceiver and in this exchange I will give you atleast 10 hams in and around my area....  But, there is no takers....

India's best ELMER the Dev sir also find's it very very hard to remove my murphy problem despite his all kind-efforts and help. Even my guiding angel MAU is avestruck with my problem and not able to find solutions.

I don't have money for getting the new rig. I invested my money around 25k in very inferior homebrews.

The homebrewing sucks. I don't have 50k to buy a rig, so I did homebrew, As my brew did not perfectly work so tried some other professional homebrew. Paid them. But, did not work. As all the budged expired. So back to square one.

2BGH, 2ZNN/ Rajkot team wants to create new hams. That's HFI2015'S target. My offer to HFI team, find me a rig, which works and I will make 10 hams in saurashtra. I have enough expertize, know-how, teaching time but I don't have something to put on air. Out of all Rajkot hams, only I have spare time as my works is very seasonal, and can spare more time. I can teach. I can move. But, they don't know me ?  Anyway..

I renewed my license for the life-time paid 2k + late fee (2K5)= total 4,500/- but due to some murphy mistake got renewal for only 2 years ! They counted 20 years from the date of issuing licence ! he he . It happens. I am thankful I got license after two years wait. Its okey. 

My Jinx is small. Give me some air-worthy rig. I will make few contacts. And with help of this rig will finish-up my own homebrew transceivers. Once I am on air. That means its the jinx is broken.......

So, all this summed up ::: give it up.

I have no enmity with anyone. You were good brewers, you chose wisely, you planned well, you got good company. I don't envy your stations, I don't envy your luck. I don't envy you. It was your destiny. But, I do request, please don't mock others on your success. It was not my destiny to be on air (HF-Fone). I realized that. So, I don't blame you or anyone. ...

Yes, please do come to HFI2015 we will have selfies, shack hands, and if you want to gift me something i.e working homebrew transceiver for time loan please do so.... Its ok..... but do come for HFI-2015 @ Rajkot.

Atlast the great vu2upx asked me ? indrajit will you let go your hard earned license, this much work , time, efforts ? I sadly said, yes boss. I am.


  1. Do not give up dear! HAM means HOPE!!!

  2. Sorry to hear your loss dear, don't loose your heart however. Start home brewing yourself with locally available parts.

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