Sunday, February 15, 2015

On air, part-2

To be on air what we need ?
1.Atleast 20watt QRO cw with {14318kc xtal or VFO on 20 meter}.
2.A dipole higher than 30feet atleast.
3.A good DC/Superhet receiver with QSK...
4. Well ventilated power source atleast 28 vdc @5amp and 12vdc @3amp.
This the hardest lesson I have re-learnt.
If you are lucky you will be getting good regular contact with 2watt ssb also. Remeber if you had been lucky after getting the ticket (license)  within 2 years you might have got some homebrew/commercial rigs...
I have suffered and then understood with the help of elmers... If you are not coming on air and could not find the problem with you.... here is the solution in clear words....
Once come on air with cw and the jinx will break...ssb will be next....the same linear, antenna and power supply can be used for SSB trx. What is the cost ? Not more than 1000/-. No need of big instruments, just multimeter, rf probe, dummy load, frequency meter. Dude just scroll back in the will everything about tx antenn making procees...
I see peoples suffere due to lack of good working equipment /not enough money to buy commercial rig /no will to be on air/lack of support etc.  Please don't suffer and come on air quickly.
Many peoples will say about lots of rigs/homebrew etc etc...they are also ok, also right on their on their view point. .... well I have nothing more to say, no more to comments vu3inj.....indrajit....
Just be on air. I will try to be on air on 14315kc around 5pm to 7pm daily...


  1. Tnx for the article. I shall try following you.

  2. What is the cost of an arduino board?

  3. What is the cost of an arduino board?