Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I will be starting my journey into the world of micro-controllers ( in fact small computers) with ARDUINO UNO R3 & arduno pro nano break-out board with FTDI ( it connects computer usb to pro nano board).

I will take a short cut. A friend will help me with ready made ATMEGA328 programmed arduino with software of DDS VFO. Then a friend will help me build the arduino from the scratch.
Then I will buy some nano boards or make arduino from scratch for some friends.

First step  first

I down loaded the software from the http:\\arduino.cc version 1.05. Its old version okey as my 2g dongle permitted me to down-load 92 Mb data in 2 hours. Ha ha a very fast one.... Chose non install version i.e zip file so that it can run on note-book also.

Now time to have 5volt power supply for nano board and some ZIF and printout of tutorials.

Second step :-
Here is the  close-up  of Arduino Uno and Arduino nano...pin outs........

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