Saturday, February 21, 2015


Recently out of urgent need and to revive the long lost dream of programming 8051 board. I realized that game of the day is the ARDUINO platform.

This is  a tool which school children plays easily.

This is the platform the geeks are possessed of.

This is the device many commercial manufacture makes their product.

This is ultimate device to entering into the digital world without learning any programming. You directly benefit from the experience and expertize of other hams who have been there. This is a very helpful ally for ham in making digital project.

Our simple ham needs are ?  DDS VFO control, CW Keyers/ deconders,  AVR programmers to re/program the PIC. Frequency counters, Temperature control , Power supply regulations.

Lets begin

I put request in the homebrew fourm. The reply and help was overwhelming. Thanks dudes.

" Once i have arduino uno or nano then no need to learn anything.... just plug it pass the already available codes from web/friends make dds vfo and be on air. and if still blessed then make some for other friends also"

Another friend also reiterated the fact this world  :: Dont worry its easy once you learn arduino... dont try to learn the codes... try from examples...
My expert friend from Mumbai offered to make the ARDUINO from the scratch i.e AtMega328.

To do so, you need any one of the following hardware,
1) AVR programmer,
2) another arduino board
3) parallel port or a usbasp programmer.  So tell what do you have with you?

Well I said I have nothing. He smiled and said do come visit me. One day during my visit to metro we will go to lamington and buy some devices. I hope to learn from him also,

It seems I need to do this way.

1. Install Arduino software from the
the latest version is 1.6 but 1.05 will be also fine for my applications. There are two varieties one install and one zip format about 100mb.

2. second I will need some USB cable or FTDI ( in simple laymans terms to pass the message from computer USB to micro processor. This will be needed if I use pro-nano board or atmega in breadboard. There is two version of this FTDI. one with 4 pins and one with 5-6 pins. Another friend asked me to go for pro-nano as it is cheapest can be put into the projects board permanently and do all the work of ARDUINO. Also use 5-6pins FTDI, there is software reset.

3. ARDUINO UNO:- This is general purpose board with all the flexibility and necessary connectors and hardware. Compared to homebrew board its more sturdy. Cheap indian board also can be used.

This UNO can be used to program the raw chips, can install bootloader to make another arduino ! wow, we can test the program before its burned into chips permanently.

In the nut-shell you need atleast one working and talking arduino to make another arduino... he he to make curd you need curd... its that simple...

4. From net you have to down load the program. This are called the "sketches". They are written in sub sect of C language. Most of peoples know the C-lang and can understand. Why C ? its hardware we are dealing with and most of hardware work is in C. If you don't know any C. No problem. Just get the sketch. Now compile it in the IDE. The software you down loaded into the computer for running the ARDUINO. Open your sketch with IDE. Now compile it. From the computers USB it will travel to its destination the Atmegachip in the arduino board. Now your board will act upon the instructions of the Sketch.
Disconnect the  Arduino board Everything is done. Your Arduino board / breadboard atmega is ready to rock...

5. Finish the soldering etc put it in the nice box, it will drive the real world applications. And project is finished.


What happened to the computer, usb cable etc ? Well forget it till next project. Here tragedy is that even you don't know what's written in the sketch ? As its not needed unless you want to modify something in software.

Its a very modular operation. Compute knows whats it doing, FTDI know whats it doing. The ATmega knows whats it doing. But, In order to use them we never need to know what they are doing. he he.

Enjoy :- nothing can be more simpler than this... 

Meanwhile another friend from banglore has also promised to gift me some arduino... just to spread the benefit to my other ham friends. Well agreed. Waiting for it. Personally I am against accepting anything free. But, in ham radio ,If something keeps my soldering iron hot, my projects going, people benefit from me, then I accept it.
Readings about ARDUINO is going on. I found many interesting articles. When I will get hardware sure to post more fotos and making process as demanded by 2DEV...
You peoples are really good ones. I just do cut,copy,paste and add few words to make it understandable to layman/first no originality or credit goes to me.

To be continued.....