Sunday, February 2, 2014

drill bit

drill bit making
A component ( diode 1n5408 ) was not going into the veroboard's drilled holes, as it was slightly thicker than its low current variety (diode 1n4007) . Looked into the box, don't have any smaller drillbits ! To go out means burning more petrol than drill bits cost.

So, remembered making a quick and dirty but effective drill bit for small work.

You will need hammer, chissel, benchpress, file and nails. Yes, also the drill. Please note this will not work for electric drills. It works only for handdrill used manually and for smaller bits.

Take a nail. Remove its head by cutting with the hammer and chissel. If you flatten the head, it will create the problems in the drill chuck. 

Now, flatten the Sharp pointed edge by carefully hammering, so that it becomes evenly flat on both side and becomes pointed like a flank. But, beware you dont have to make it thin. Let, it remain thick. 

Put it on a bench press and file carefully. Now, see the fig.4 and 5. Round circular arrow shows the direction of the drill. Straights, arrow shows the direction of the file movement. The Edge has to be sharp. End result will be 6.

Use it, but as it is not thermally treated, metal will wear down. It will be useful for pcb, wood and small thick plastic but no metal please !

Thats it folk , we have re-invented a small wheel. Enjoy the ride.