Friday, February 7, 2014


For a homebrew linear , more than 3amp power supply was needed. Bought 24-0-24, 5amp transformer, at this stage a current meter was highly needed. Searched in local shops. They have 500v ac voltmeter and 20 ampere meter used in the water pumpsets. Now a days, electronic spare parts shops are not providing the 5 amp range ameter. In the local science shop there is 5 amp meter but i doubt its quality -they were meant for study experiments i.e for few minutes use only. If the thing is used in some commercial product they are presumed to work round the clock and manufactured accordingly. I had the old 5amp meter lying somewhere , with intention to repair it i opened and also fotographed hope this will give insight to all of us who want to know the inside of the meter (be it a voltmeter , ameter or galvanometer !).

In standard 8th i leared this in techincal shcool as i had opted the technical subjects instead of regular subjects. In the whole gujarat state there were only 3 or 4 technical shcool.

Meter principle in a very simple terms :- current passing through coil produces the electromagnetic fields and according to it the magnet moves- mechanical arrangemetn is done so that the end result is shown as the deflection on the pointer dial.This meter is a very practical subject.

Hope to upload few more theory regarding converting the range and ameter, voltmeter making. but, now enjoy the foto as it will be found nowhere. by the way my meter is not going to work as litte ring is broken but still it gave me satisfactory decko.



ameter frong view

look closely to pivot ring its half broken

Times of India, Ahmedabad edition date 6feb2014. beautiful looking lady has no connection with meter.she is Maria Sharapova, a tennis player from russia. Just eye candy nothing more.