Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have fallen in love with this IC. It is cheap, easily available and usable to make a Mixer, DSB modulator, Demodulator and on first try it works. I have bought it from Raj Kamal Electronics , Lamington Market, Mumbai for Rs35/- a piece on bulk purchase.

From the datasheet i had predicted that it might be useful to me but never tried one. First i bought it about  morethen 15 years ago. I could not test it. B ut in 2011 i got a chance to work on it.

From it now i make a Direct Conversion receiver. 7058kc DSB modulator using the cheap 11059kc and 4000kc xtals. It uses two 7358 ic and two oscillators. I have made one Premixed oscillator using single 7358 and two oscillators.

Once my scanner starts working will share the circuits. Also dont forget to visit the py2ohh.w2c.com.br web site it has wonderful resources and ideas.

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