Thursday, October 17, 2013


The circuit is in three parts. One is DDS Controller board consisting of the AD9850 and PIC.Second board consist of LCD display 16*2 , I have used chines JHD 162A. Third part is the Rotary Encoder and Swithes and the Flexible ribbon connector between the two modules.

A little story of mine.:- I had bought two DDS AD9850 modules from ebay (Om Priyashlok Arya). Then i was searching for the controller. Tried few known sources. But, there was some sort of problems like the genunie PIC was not available ,There was problem in programming. Another ham did not respond to my request. I had tried all the known sources. Some said you have to wait
This is the original design by the VU2UPX himself. On my recent visit to the mumbai by chance i met the vu2upx and he promised to help, gave me PCB and programmed IC.  It turned out that his design approch was very different and genuine so that i could not search/find the ckt on google. Finally i gave up and sought his help in making this DDS VFO. I am in process of finally running and will update the information ASAP.

My request:- vu2upx is a very busy person. Friendsplease, if you have any query , questions please put it on facebook group and usually he responds within one or two days. thanks.