Sunday, August 13, 2017


For long tome i wanted to see what is inside the analogue VHF cable tv booster amplifies.They were in great demands before the digital system kicked in.
The start of the VHF broadcast TV started around 1980 as home to home a 3 hour picture programe. The cable guy has the VCR and he connected the cable. That cable brought the single chanel and we sat and saw the TV. It was particularly aimed at the house-wives and childrens. The small players mush-roomed.

Then next stage was the day and night time pictures. This was a monthly rental.

This developed with multiplayer/providers in a single city. Then came the satellite TV channels and permanent studio environments. It removed the small time players and now a single entity of the providers grew like a monopoly.

Then came the paid channel concepts and presto the industry was born. The variety of digital and analogue, free and paid channel setup came, big dish. Then ISRO also jumped in with its new technology and it was the breakthrough.

At this time the cable net work developed in its entirely depending on the big studio where multiple saterlite dish antenna and receivers were housed and from there all the city was covered. At this time this VHF boosters were used.

Suddenly the satelites channel become paid, it become digital and cabling was changed from lowly RG58 to higher quality one.  TV become multichanel. 500 tv chanel, vhf-uhf-shf. And that's it.

Those TV booster become obsolete. In the EU peoples used the satelite receiver as AMTV receivers for their 10GHZ (?)band etc. But, we do not see anything of that sort here in india. peoples do not move nor reached to VHF.

Anyway i bought the box for its box values. I will tear it down and house a small QRP receiver/transcever  for my portable single freq use.

oh yeh, i got BFW15a and c2725 and 7 ferrites beads. i bought it for only 1 $ (Rs100/-) .

Till than folks let me work, then talk......

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