Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fying Pig

Sometimes there are peoples despite their efforts not able to be on air. I have done research. Put this picture and you will be able to be on air ssb-fone.

So, enjoy and follow the HAM cult with full faith. Enjoy Beacons and Rag-chew...


After passing the hurdle, I am feeling little boring. My signal is low, vfo not stable, it moves down the freq, On air peoples are very nice gives first times but I am trying to figure  who will allow me break-in second time, who will just ignore, who will talk, who will be friendly, etc etc.... hope to blend in soon. so keeping my over short, interested only in signal reports & c u down the log.

name :- Indrajit,
qth:- Junagadh, near Rajkot, Gujarat state
callsign:- VU3INJ
bands of operations:- 20 meter and 40 meter qrp, vfo
dsb tx on 14194kc, few dc receiver.....