Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Signing Off - VU3INJ

Something is simmering within me. I am just closing my station, it seems due to one reasons or other reason I am not able to put myself on FONE. For me CW is okey. My journey had been a topsy turvey. Around 1994 is started ham radio, finding the forms, filling it up, giving the exams, finding books for exams, learning morce, waiting for exam dates, meeting hams, brewing , homebrewing, learning the soldering from the scratch, understanding the semiconductors, valve, EFY, waiti...ng for the result, police enquiry, missing of files at wpc, my MP,member of parliament putting my case and then the licenses. How much this all took time... lots and lots of years. Now a days the person who gives exam withing 3 months start enquiring when their license will come ? I waited , prayed, tried to figure out, many friend VU2MAU,VU2MKV, VU2Mukesh desai, VU2EXP, VU2JF(Jivanbhai-sk),VU2LB, VU2FQ and many many more,VU2DK,VU2HEG (Yep Old man hegde) and many more (whose name i am not writing here )really helped me in one way or others. Still I am stuck at the build the bitx paradigm, making of radio has become guardian knot. I don't know what to say. THANK YOU ALL. I am disheartened at the murphy looking me in each corner, each time I do something it breaks one vital element. May be this being on air is not for me. 15 years, this much efforts and still not on air.... I can say no more. Let it go indrajit... let it go

I had tried BUILDING, i tried BORROWING, i tried BUYING. But, found nothing that can put me on air. 25W decent can put anyone on air. So, the homebrew dream was wrong ? Some peoples are getting air with just 500mw (vu3pua) or 5watt. Why i am getting everything that has one or two minor fault. It never works for the fist time...I wished VU2OO had gifted me the Major havildar sing ( ?) RM96 for 20 meter. I wished had VU2ATN gifted me a working rig instead of coaxing me to build the bitx. Buying 50k rig is beyoung my budged. May be no -body understood the gravity of my situations and problem with murphy. But, thank you all.

Wish is a big if and not if. Wish is not a true reality... i could have wished god given me so much money that i might have been able to import the rig, I should have wished i never choosed the ham radio. I could have wished Niar Hyderabad had given me club rig. I wished i should not have wasted 15 years on a dream. I wish i should not have written signing off note.... wish is a never ending thing.....

WISH IS NOT A TRUE REALITY. Many peoples are really not understanding my words, meaning and more.... this is the real signing off note.


My jinx is simple........... I am not able to be on air. And once on air with brewed, borrowed, bought or begged rig, home brew or commercial, then murphy will let me go. Jinx will be broken and then even 500milliwatt signal will give me good mileage.... thats it folks.....
Listening for final finale...

You peoples had been a good company. will miss you.


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