Saturday, April 5, 2014

guarat earth quake

in the year 2k1 there was richter scale 5 to 6 magniture earth quack all over the saurashtra peninsula and kutch regions of the gujarat state. Its epicentre was near the bhuj city in kutch but after shock and effect was felt all over the regions. Even my home was also damaged in Junagadh. During this time i had only valve receiver and marine modified vhf which did not worked properly.

I did not go to the are but i did what i could. I monitored the signals and maintained the records.One of my friend when we had the eye-ball qso at my home and saw my logbook copied few entry. He remarked, we did only roughly maintained the log book at g'nagar control room, as it was very vital to keep communications going on. your book is correct based on this we will verify our own !. Thanks for compliments.

few pages

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