Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RM 96

After making (not using) the vwn 40 meter tx, bitx and few cw qrp tx i thought it is time for making something which works on the air and not just heat up the dummy load and radiate within a few km. So, it was time to make a high power amplifier chain which can be usuable for all ham bands not just one freq.
The amplifier chain used in the RM96 and ATS-1 .HMY2K8 etc are the direct derivatives of the ARRL design which has been reproduced successfully world over by lots of hams. but when i searched for the intrincik write-up, not found . so, asked few of the ham friends to provide me their success stories and foto of their rigs.
One of my friend vu3kod, OM Puranic has successfully made the rm96 and as designed by the vu2rm and used it extensively. He has send me this pictures. It looks great. He also gave me the insight of FET RF PA stage. thanks VU3KOD.
vu3kod, rm96

vu3kod, rm96

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