Sunday, December 22, 2013

untuned radio

You will be surprized, i dont have a simple single general coverage radio receiver to receive shortwave or local AM stations. I have communications receivers only (few homebrew cw and dsb and two boat anchors) and . During designing of the Direct Conversion receiver there was lots of am breakthrough.... this led me to try out an idea.

Years ago i had made it with germanium diodes OA79, OA32 ( forgetting the names ... ). Now we have only silicon diodes freely available. So putting an amp in the front.

Long antenna, RF amp, Diode detector for AM signal. AF pre-amp, AF Amplifier.... and thats all.

With two transistors BF194b a cascoded wide-band RF amp is made. Then a diode detector is made with two 1N4148 to decode AM signals. BC 547 works as AF pre-amp then rest of work is done by Standalone Amplifier box ( which contains 12v dc power and LM386 based amplifier and small speaker). I listen whatever stations comes in. There is no tuned ckt.

It requires a really long single wire antenna say more than 20 meter high strung on air. My 20 meter dipole did not work for it.

It gives me company by making noices, stations comes and goes what a wonderful pleasure......