Thursday, September 19, 2013

vwn transmitter, Tx

vwn 40 meter tx, (second build)
Earlier i had built the vwn tx. it showed good strength on air but somehow it was not showing the tuning up characteristic as given in the literature of the vwn tx.

Then i made this second transmitter. On dummy load and frequncy counter it shows good heat generations and accurate frequency 7058kc but, one of the days i  promised this tx to my friend so putting it on the box and hope it works for him, in atleast AM/CW mode. He likes the cw. Hope this will fill up his logbook.
In the first transmitter there was problem due to the tank- which is a very vital element of this transmitter. I have (as of Jan2014) an LC meter and can verify the design L value and actual L value. Progressing. I will hand over this tx with the request to make the contacts and antenna tune up.

19 Aug 2015 :-
This has given me good signal for my testing the receivers antennas but as of July 2015 I have gifted it to one new ham.. Hope he operates it beautifully. on 7058kc. I will miss it. It was one of the well built vwn.

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