Thursday, June 6, 2013

40 meter cq

At last i have made the vu2vwn qrp tx running about 3 watt. It is very stable due to the crystals. Freq 7060 Khz. Keying is also good. Only problem is that it is for cw (A1A). Either it needs to be run into AM (A2A) or DSB (J3A) for voice communications. 

After putting it in a box will try a small linear using  mosfets or may be design a new DSB tx from the scratch.
my cw call will be

cq cq cq de vu3inj vu3inj vu3inj  AR.

vu3inj  de vu 2/3 ???  vu2/3 ? ? ? k
vu2/3 ???  ur rst rst 559 559 de vu3inj  qsl k
vu3inj ur rst ----- ------ tnx.

cq cq cq de vu3inj vu3inj vu3inj AR

If i use morce-code this is the conversations i can understand at most. I have not practised code for 7 years. Straight key. Seperate tx and receiver .NO full break. There is no NO QSK. Inverted-V dipole.  Timings about 7.30 to 8.30 mornings. QRS slow speed code. Please bear with me. If you hear me please reply in SSB or DSB.

Also requesting for a sked.

LL9033, 6955- 03 , Anyone giving me SWL report will sure to get a qsl card.

20 Meter CW
As of 27Jan2015 will start working on the 20 meter with 15/20watt CW power. xtal freq 14315kc plus minus 1kc. I have no RIT so don't zerobeat me. My receiver is a very wide one. No filter just tuned ckts. Will be happy to work with you here also.

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