Saturday, April 13, 2013

AF Signal Tracer

Af signal tracer

This is an AF signal tracer built from very stable and easy to procure audio amplifier ic LM 386. Transformer (12-0-12 Vac, 200 ma ), two diodes (1n4007)  and voltage regulator ic LM 7812 provides a good regulatated 12 VDC. This 12 v dc is also taken out for power the ckt to be tested.

In the front panel a socket for signal input, audio volume control pot, LED indicator and ON/OFF switch is given.

Small speaker ( i recovered it from discarded pocket radio) is also put into the metal box. I have made a small  metal box from 24 gauge thin metal sheet. Due to the compact housing it's look is very good. It  also traces the AF signal wonderfully.

Earlier around (Y2K) i had the signal tracer made from discrete transitors but as i had shifted out of town it was ruined and finally i came home and need arised so this one is built for testking my projects.

At present only foto graphs of circuit is uploaded but will upload scanned circuit later on.